Impress your guests with our cooked meat options exclusively by Pizzaddiction x

All orders come with unique, home-made sauces to go along.

Choose between Cooked or Semi-Cooked options.
Limited cooked quantity daily with delivery orders between 12-1pm or 6-7pm daily to ensure freshness.

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Ham & Cheese Platter

All components of the platter have been portioned. You would only need to cut open the vacuum sealed bags and plate the savouries on a platter to impress your guests.

Comes with Truffle Wild Honey, Gorgonzola and Parmigiano Cheese, Spicy Salami, Mortadella and Parma Ham, Puccia Bread, Assorted Olives, Mixed Dried Fruits and Nuts, and Crackers.

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Pork Tomahawk with Chimichurri sauce

Indulge yourself with the Pork Tomahawk with Homemade Apple Jam!

Comes with a slab of Pork Tomahawk (350g), Homemade Apple Jam, Chimichurri Sauce and Whisky Mushroom Cream.

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Bistecca Florentine

Indulge yourself with the Bistecca Florentine!

Comes with 150-days Prime Rib Bone (600g), Red Wine Onion Jam, Whiskey Mushroom Cream and Chimichurri Sauce.